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Luisa Macias opened Studio Danza in October of 2007 as a place where children and adults could learn and enjoy different forms of dance.  Zumba and hip hop were immediately popular offerings.   In 2011,  Macias accepted a longstanding children's program,  "Folklorico de Colores," when SPIRITT Family Services could no longer provide the program.  The Studio added the words, "Folklorica de Colores" to its name to reflect the addition of the folklorico program.

Ever since its inception, the Studio has provided dance instruction to all who were interested. Lessons are offered on a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay for children who are at risk and low income.

In 2012, a ten-person, volunteer board of directors was formed, and the Studio incorporated as "Studio Danza Folklorica de Colors, Inc.," a tax-exempt 501 (C)(3) charitable organization.  Luisa Macias was named Executive Director of the Studio and elected President of the Board of Directors.  Contributions to support the Studio became tax-deductible for donors, including board members.

The Studio has evolved and grown since 2007 to meet the changing needs and desires of  the community.  Dance forms from ballet to salsa, capoeira to modern, hip hop to body toning have been enjoyed.  The children's ensembles perform frequently at community events, county fairs and an annual recital.  The Studio's hip hop ensembles have won competitions in California and Nevada.  Zumba continues to be very popular with adults.

Studio Danza Folklorica de Colores, Inc. is a proud member of the American Dance Therapy Association.  Dance and movement are a form of therapy that helps participants improve their physical, mental and emotional health.


To provide children and youth with high-quality dance instruction, coaching and performance opportunities in order to enrich their physical and emotional health, self-esteem and cultural pride. As part of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA), Studio Danza promotes dance benefits that are not only recreational and artistic, but also educational and therapeutic.

Luisa's Story

Luisa Macias

Founder and President

Luisa grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she earned a BA in Psychology, an MA in Dance Therapy, and a Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Therapy at University de Integro in Guadalajara.For over 24 years, Luisa has served as a Children's Social Worker for Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services. Luisa is a Certified Instructor in the Parent Project and Los Niños Bien Educados parenting program in Los Angeles.

She is a Certified Instructor in Team Decision Making, and a Certified Zumba Instructor.

Luisa opened Studio Danza in 2008 to provide all children in the community with healthy opportunities to dance. The Folklorico de Colores ensemble, formerly associated with SPIRITT Family Services, became part of Studio Danza in 2011.

Luisa is committed to engaging children in Folklorico dance as a positive, culturally and physically enriching activity which helps prevent unhealthy behaviors and promote healthy ones.

Luisa is a member of the American Dance Therapy (ADT) association, and also a member of the Mexican Dance Therapy (TMD) association.


Luisa Macias


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Board of Directors

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Terry Camacho

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